Hey Everyone! We will be reviewing the Hydragun percussive massage Gun! Stay tuned for more!

For more info please visit them at http://www.hydragun.com and use PROMO CODE: HOLIDAY50 for $50 off!

HYDRAGUN is the first percussive massage gun of its kind to offer customers its distinctive suite of specifications and quality assurances. In coming up with HYDRAGUN, the team in Singapore tested more than 20 designs and builds, and they made executive decisions on an effective design and top-quality specifications.

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Steps Below: 1. The vehicle needs to be cleaned and washed prior to the application. The preferred application method is dry.

2. Dry Vehicle.

3. Saturate the microfiber towel with product ( 5 sprays) apply on the first panel and spray once or twice for additional panels.

4. Let it self level for 2-3 mins and level high spots with a second microfiber.

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